Motor Insurance

This service is temporarily unavailable, Please contact Enaya Call Center.

We cover all makes of car:
Great features LuxuryFor all cars except
20,000 KD and more
DiamondFor all cars valued
up to 20,000 KD
SuperFor all cars valued
up to 20,000 KD
StandardFor used family
cars only
2,000 to 5,000 KD
Covers all authorised drivers
One stop shop for claims
GAP cover (New & 1 year old)
Agency repairs (up to 3 years old)
Unknown claims paid in full
Substitute car
Scratches and dents covered
Windscreen replacement
Breakdown assistance
Child car seat covered
Personal effects covered
Accident medical benefit
In car entertainment covered
  • Included
  • Available at extra cost
  • Not available